Bovine by design.

Throughout the company’s evolution of the science, SAB has developed some of the world’s most significant advances in large animal platform technology to treat disease.

SAB’s genetically designed cattle, or Tc Bovine™, produce antibodies the same way that other cattle or people make antibodies.
The difference is that Tc Bovine produce human antibodies instead of cattle antibodies.


Why Cattle?
There are two approaches to making therapeutic antibodies. The first and most widely used approach is to produce a collection of identical (monoclonal) antibodies. The second, which is most similar to the natural way our bodies fight disease, is to produce many different types of antibodies in one collection (polyclonal).

Until now, the only way to use one system to produce both monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies was to produce them from humans. SAB Biotherapeutics has developed a method to produce both monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies in cattle. Cattle are desired candidates for a number of reasons:

  • The technology required to put human antibody genes in and inactivate the endogenous antibody genes is more advanced in cattle than in any other species due to the work of SAB's scientists.

  • Cattle are large animals and make large volumes of antibodies (mature cattle have about 2.5 pounds or a little over 1.1 kg of antibodies in their blood).

  • Cattle are easy to work with, are readily available and, because they are important in agriculture, we know a lot about how they fight disease.