Leading the science of human polyclonal antibody therapies.

SAB Biotherapeutics has developed some of the most advanced molecular genetics and antibody science in the world. The company's best-in-class team and significant patents combined with proprietary know-how and state-of the-art laboratory facilities are developing natural technologies that can transform the treatment and prevention of disease.

Antibodies were one of the first tools used against specific infectious diseases. SAB's technology is based upon an approach using antibodies called passive immunization. Passive immunity is the transfer of active immunity in the form of ready-made antibodies to a non-immune human. It occurs naturally, when maternal antibodies are transferred to the fetus during pregnancy. Although the approach has been used since the 19th century to treat diseases such as diphtheria, using animal antibodies, it has been largely surpassed by the use of antibiotics and vaccination because of side effects from animal antibodies, lack of adequate supply of and safety issues with human plasma, inability to target humans for specific diseases, and inability to produce human antibodies in the laboratory.

The DiversitAb™ Platform is the world's first platform technology for producing fully human polyclonal antibodies without using human serum. This patented technology platform enables the large-scale, rapid production of fully human antibody therapeutics (for passive immunization) and vaccines. This natural, dynamic platform addresses the evolution of disease and could also be complementary to existing treatments.