Diversitab platform

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Technology Milestones

Arrow-Bullet.png First cloned transgenic cattle–1998
Arrow-Bullet.png Improved B cell production in chimeric kHAC–2008
Arrow-Bullet.png HAC technology established (chromosome cloning)–2000
Arrow-Bullet.png Antibodies produced to Anthrax–2009
Arrow-Bullet.png Chromatin transfer technology established–2001 Arrow-Bullet.png Development of improved HAC technology to increase human antibody production–2010
Arrow-Bullet.png First transchromosomic cattle produced–2002 Arrow-Bullet.png Triple knockout HAC animals produced with lambda cluster deletion–2011
Arrow-Bullet.png Sequential gene targeting technology established–2003 Arrow-Bullet.png Development of monoclonal antibody production methods, more than 50 Tc Bovine available for research and development–2012
Arrow-Bullet.png First IgM double gene knockout in cattle–2004 Arrow-Bullet.png Development of multiple polyclonal antibodies to infectious disease–2013
Arrow-Bullet.png First prion gene knockout cattle–2005 Arrow-Bullet.png Completion of multiple pre-clinical animal studies for antibodies targeted to infectious diseases–2014
Arrow-Bullet.png Production of kHAC uU-/- uAY-/- cattle–2006    
Arrow-Bullet.png First antigen specific, high titer human IgG produced in cattle–2007